ZL VHF history - Dave ZLTLF

Here is some of ZL2QF setup's on Stratford Plateau back in the mid 70's VHF and up contests. There were several configurations over the years as extra bands were added. This tower was mounted on the front-end loader of a furgie 135 tractor and hoisted up. A different configuration is shown in another contest! Some of the people involved were, Ken ZL2APZ, Graeme ZL2UFN, John ZL2APA, Bill, Steve ZL1BHD,Brian, Gail ZL2TZG, and Dave ZL2TLF.We had 6 meters SSB, 2 meters SSB & FM, 70 cm SSB and ATV, 23 cm SSB.

CQ contest mid 70s ZL2QF Stratford Plateau Mount Egmont

Antennas up in a VHF contest 

Picture taken at a show to promote amateur radio - cicra same mast and tractor

Caravan to operate from

How packed up

Nearly ready to go up

Setting up antennas with rain and cloud

Setting up antennas

Setting up antennas - and these are big

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