ZL VHF history - Vern ZL3AQ

Attached photos of the late Vern Lovett ZL3AQ.  Vern’s antennas: Top 2 x 26 element loop yagis for 23 cm fed via two lengths of surplus 75 ohm Helical Membrane hard-line and combined within his shack. Two metre and 6 m antennas with a 70 cm curved reflector on the back of his tower. Vern had to remember to rotate his antennas by 180° when on this band. Antennas mounted on a surplus wind mill tower and rotated via a right angle drive at the base, through the wall of his house into his shack. Almost all equipment was home-made and the photos show a collection of his work.  Pictures corteisy Rod ZL3NW

Vern ZL3AQ antennas

70 cm cavity amp ZL3AQ

4CX250B 432 MHz final ZL3AQ

Up converter 28 to 144 MHz

28 to 144 internals

432 varacter tripler inside

432 varactortripler

1152 local osc for 1296

1152 local oscillator

1296 amp keyer

1296 converter

1296 F S meter

 1296 pre-amp

1296 preamp inner

1296 used to key signal source

ZL3AQ 23 cm beacon rear

ZL3AQ 23 cm beacon

Below; notes recorded de Rod ZL3NW (ex ZL3TAL)

A collection of photos also show several of his Modulated Oscillator using a pair of 8012 valves on 70 cm. I see in my old logs I worked Vern using this in 1968 and we compared his transverter of some 10 watts. The modulated oscillator was much stronger. This was using AM but let’s face it I am sure there was plenty of FM on the Modulated oscillator.









                                                                Push-pull, parallel-plate transmission line between anode-grid, loop-coupled output.

                                                                                   Modulated Oscillator using a pair of 8012 valves on 70 cm


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