ZL VHF history

This was QRP with a challenge.  The location is Tongariro North Crater at the northern end of the flat area 1994. Along with me were David ZL1TND and Bruce ZL1UBR.  The radios were Yaesu
FT290 + 5 el yagi on 2 metres and FT790 + 2 x 10 el yagis on 70 cm which I designed and built with the help of Quikyagi purchased at the 1992 Easter Convention in Auckland.  Power was 2 x 6.5 AHr gel cells.
There was continuous wind as evidenced by the shape of the tent with temperatures of 8 - 12°C.  It was a challenge to cook dinner on the Saturday evening.  At least we were spared any rain.  At that altitude we were working ZL1BQ regularly at 416 km on both bands with 2.5 W output.

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