ZL VHF history - Steve ZL1TWR

My Antennas in South Auckland for 6, 2 and 70 cm circa 1984

WIA certificate VK1 call area distance record 1985

WIA certificate VK1 call area distance record 1985

VK2ZAB 2 metre circa 1986 we believe

Gordon VK2ZAB on 70 cm to Steve ZL1TWR November 1986

VK3DEM to ZL1TWR circa 1985 we believe

VK75A to ZL1TWR 2 m 1985

This station was my first VK simplex surprisingly on 10 watts 2 m FM & 6+6 slot, later in 1982 on 70 cm SSB.

New VK7 State distance record VK7MO-ZL2WSP (ZL1TWR)

VK2EMI to ZL1TWR 70 cm FM year 1985

VK5BC antennas at Corny Point South Australia

New VK5 State distance record on the 2 m band 3483.2 km double hop Es

My present antenna setup designed & built by me, same as in New Plymouth good enough to get into VK5 South Australia and VK7 on 144.1 SSB simplex

Rare 6 meter contact to Cuba 1989

Rare 6 metre contact to Cuba 1989

6 metre band 1988

Far East UA0LFK via Oscar 10 1984

Finland to ZL1TWR Oscar 10 1984

Murray ZL3TIB direct on 144.081 MHz. ZL3 to ZL back 1983. This happened during a very big opening to VK where I worked a few & out of the Blue ZL3TIB came up out of the noise & we shifted & exchanged, very strange. May have been  an aircraft reflection or Sporadic E or Es ??

OH1AJ Oscar 10 1984

ZR1L Cape Town Oscar 10

MegaWave award to ZL1TWR for the 6 m band from the WVHFG

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