ZL VHF history - Ralph ZL2TNY-ZL1TBG-ZL2TV

Field day Wairarapa Mt. Oringa 1973

Field day Stratford Plateau with Ray ZL2TAL circa '77

Field day Stratford Plateau

Field day Cape Rodney 2001

Makara to Muriwai 5 GHz - 2005 -circa 487 km north ZL in the log

ZL2TV to ZL1TPH with ZL4JY -2005

Field day Maunganui Bluff project Aurora 2003 - 925 MHz and 5.76 GHz south ZL circa 700 odd km record attempts

122.25 GHz QRU

122.25 GHz DX truck

122.25 GHz field rover

Field day Ruapaehu T5G (5.76 GHz)expedition 2002

122.25GHz field DX

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