ZL VHF history - WVHFG ZL2WA

At 10.40 am on Sunday, February 2, year 1975 - a new New Zealand long distance record was established on 3.3 GHz (9 cm) between Mt Murchison, 50 miles south of Nelson and Mt Ruapehu, a distance of 238 miles (383 km). Although as yet this has not been confirmed as a new world record, the previous best was 214 miles (344 km) established by W6IFE/6 TO K6HIJ/6 on June 18, 1970.

John ZL2TAU tunes 1296 MHz. Rigs from left to right 3.3 GHz, 1296 MHz and 10 GHz. This is from the top of Mt. Murchison near the top of the south Island at an altitude of 1600 metres ABSL February 1975.

The Southern end 3.3 GHz record; lower right Murry Willis ZL2THW operating Mt Murchison 1975.

The team southern end Mt Murchison 1975. Note bottom comment. 3.3 GHz north at 383 km. 

The Northern end Mt Ruapehu central north Island. Note the tramp further up the mountain from the huts to obtain LOS on 3.3 GHz 383 km south to Mt Murchison.

Brian Cattermole ZL2BFC 10 GHz in operation circa 1981

The ZL2WA VHF Field Day team in action on Blackbirch. Peter Williams ZL2ARW and John ZL2TRV setting up 10 GHz dish. The foreground features a 1.2 GHz transceiver and dish. December 1980.

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