ZL VHF history - Steve ZL1TPH

WVHFG inaugural group meeting:  Circa late 60's I would guess 68-69.

Top, ZL2TDW Tom, ZL2TMI Vern, ZL2AZJ Anthony, ZL2TFJ Harry, ZL2HI Murray, ZL2TKP Andy.

Lower, ZL2TCU Richard, ZL2CD Bill, ZL2TGH Vaughan, ZL2TAX Ted. 

Was taken in our living room, Group business first then open the flagons! Really worked well!

Jumbo Godfrey ZL1HV (6 m), Ken Cardy ZL1AAB (2 m), John Hurst ZL1AZI (70 cm) VHF contest Rangitoto Island 1965.

John Seakins ZL1BDY ex ZL1TAZ photographer VHF contest Rangitoto Island 1965.



Ken and I, VHF FD Dec 1976 Maunganui Bluff.

From past VHF contests

1978 VHF FD sent to me my Jamie ZL2NN

George ZL3PN Ross Hull Memorial VHF contest certificate 1951-1952. Rig all home brew 807 final on 6 m. Clapp VFO 12.5 MHz 6AC7 tube. Driver tube 7C5 (6V6GT) 807 final link neutralised. Converter output 3.5-4.0 MHz. Base receiver all home brew tubes. Back to back IFs at 455 kHz for good AM selectivity. Antenna 3 element beam made from electricians conduit. Feeder open wire plastic tooth brushes as spreaders. No coax in those days. Delta match for best energy transfer “SWR wasn’t invented” Height 40 feet turned by rope. 73 George ZL3PN.

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